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3 Arguments to Get Your Self-Storage Project Approved

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"minions running a small business in a self storage facility”

Today's theme revolves around three compelling arguments that could strengthen your case when seeking approval from planning/zoning officials for your self storage project.

  1. Between 20 and 30% of self-storage tenants are small businesses, a fact that almost always surprises planning and zoning personnel, in my experience. In this context, self-storage facilities can function as incubator spaces, providing small businesses with a step up from operating out of garages to a more professional setting. This not only aids these businesses but also facilitates their growth, potentially turning them into significant job creators within the city or county boundaries.

  2. Most self-storage tenants are not hoarders. Somehow this is still the image that most cities have about self storage tenants—hoarders that don't know how to throw anything away. In reality, hoarders make up a small percentage of typical self storage tenancy. Aside from small businesses, most residential tenants are simply in transition, moving from one place to another. Self-storage is a service that has become more and more common among those moving.

  3. Self-storage promotes smaller living spaces. Most cities are cognizant of the rising cost of housing, which, in turn, has caused developers to build smaller housing to appeal to first time homeowners. Smaller housing, however, means less storage at home. If self-storage is readily available for these first time homeowners (or those who can only afford small homes), more buyers will be attracted to the area, thus adding to the city/county's economic base.


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