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Self storage units and doors. Self Storage feasibility studies

Our self storage feasibility studies are more than a thumbs-up or thumbs-down—they are strategic plans that help make the most of your investment.


What We Do

As self storage consultants, we can address just about any specific question you have on your potential project. Common studies/services include:

  • Self Storage Feasibility Studies: This is the most exhaustive study offered, covering everything from market conditions, site factors, financial projections, and more (see below).

  • RV/Boat Storage Feasibility Studies: We will determine market demand for RV/Boat Storage in your market and make recommendations for sizing, amenities, and more.

  • Self Storage Unit Mix Recommendation: We'll analyze market factors, demographics, and competitors to make a market-driven unit mix recommendation optimized for your site.

  • Self Storage Market Identification: If you don't have a site picked out, we can help identify markets or pockets within markets that are most ripe for new self storage development. 

  • Self Storage Demand Studies: By analyzing existing and incoming self storage projects and demographic trends, we can assess what the self storage demand is in a given market and determine whether the market is over or undersupplied.

  • Self Storage Competitor Analysis: We can analyze competitors in the market and assess rates, specials, amenities, and other facility features to help structure your self storage development plan.

  • And more: Have a specific or unique issue you need help with? Let's chat.

What is a feasibility study?

The purpose of a self storage feasibility study is to determine whether your proposed self storage development will be financially successful or not, and make recommendations for increasing the likelihood of success. The feasibility study takes into account site factors, market conditions, industry trends, and much more. The following questions will be addressed:

  • Is my primary market over or undersupplied?

  • Is there enough demand to support my project?

  • What is the ideal unit mix for my property/market?

  • Should I build climate-controlled units?

  • What lease-up period should I expect?

  • What are the market rates for my property?

  • What will my operating expenses be?

  • What are typical construction costs for my project?

  • What return of investment (ROI) should I expect?

Why do I need a feasibility study?

There are a number of reasons why someone may seek a self storage feasibility study.

  • I need project support for financing purposes.

  • I want to see if it's worth expanding an existing facility.

  • I am pursuing my first self storage project and need help getting started.

  • I already own land and want to see if self-storage is a good fit for it.

  • I want to better understand my competition.

How much do self storage feasibility studies cost?

A typical full self storage feasibility study costs between $5,500 and $7,500 and usually takes about 1-2 weeks to complete.

A stand-alone supply/demand analysis costs $750 and takes about one week to complete.

Not sure what market to invest in? We also offer Market Identification Studies.

Other stand-alone customized studies are available as well.

About Us

Box Pro Advantage

Financial feasibilty

Our feasibility studies dive into project details, market conditions, demographics, industry trends, and much, much more to determine the feasibility of your self storage development and find ways to make it more successful.

Know your market

Your primary market is where the majority of your tenants will come from. Understanding your primary market is critical when you devise your marketing strategy. Our studies will help determine where your primary and secondary markets are.

What We Offer
Maximize your returns

We'll make recommendations for ideal unit mix, facility amenities, staffing, marketing strategy, and more, to maximize your self storage facility's earning potential.

Supply/Demand analysis

We'll determine whether your primary and secondary markets are over or undersupplied and whether the demand drivers exist to support more storage units.

Modernize your facility

We'll make recommendations for integrating the latest self storage technology including kiosks, camera monitoring, automatic overlocks and more.


Deep Industry Knowledge

Derek Walker has developed more than 20 self storage projects throughout the United States and consulted on many more since 2010.


He has also worked as an economic development consultant where he conducted several feasibility studies across multiple property types, including RV/boat storage, hotel, resort, office, industrial, multifamily, and specialty mixed-use.

He has a BA degree in Economics from the University of Utah and an MS in Real Estate Development from New York University.

See Derek's Market Insights for more.

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